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Airport Security
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Drones/UAV/UAS flying near airports, and particularly approaching departure paths have become a real threat to the safety of commercial aviation. Keeping airports secure by protecting them from unauthorized unmanned aircraft has become a key priority for the aviation community at large, and airports worldwide specifically. A drone operating in close proximity to an airport, accidentally or deliberately, is a safety hazard that requires an appropriate and immediate response.

For airport communication, there are many communication devices linking the satellites, aeroplanes, and ground operators. Our system can work without interfering with any bands used by the airports between all the parties.

In reality, the threat is that the airport surveillance system would never know how many drones will approach the aerodromes. It is not realistic to use Directional Jammers/Guns & kinetic solutions to intercept swarm drones.

The All in One System (Air-Shield 1000/1000P) for Airport security made by Team MZRototics/MCT Telecom successfully solved the problem and intercepts swarm drones without interfering with the bands for the airport and aeroplanes. Digital Signal Protocol Management Technology (DSPM) is the only mechanism on the market to intercept swarm drones with Identification Friend & Foe (IFF).

Features of MZRobotics/MCT Telecom’s All in One System (Air-Shield 1000/1000P) :

l The world’s No.1 system for intercepting swarm drones.

l Zero interference with other bands (Airport Satellites etc).

l Upgraded with IR/OS system to further detect the airspace - up to the customer’s budget.

l Our systems are integrated seamlessly with airport control systems.

l IFF & White List functions (Friend’s drone can be operated without problem).

l Drone’s ID & locations can be recorded.

l Networking with GCS moderm to achieve operations in multi-airports.

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