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VIP Protection
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VIPs, including CEOs and government officials who place a high value on privacy and security, must now consider drones when establishing their security measures. Just a few years ago, camera-enabled drones that can spy into executive suites of office towers were the stuff of science fiction. Today, VIPs absolutely need to consider countering drones when protecting corporate or government privacy, but also when considering the possibility of a terrorist attack. Drone technology is changing rapidly. For a few hundred or thousand dollars, consumers can buy drones capable of carrying a payload up to one pound (0.454kg). That means they can be easily capable of carrying high-resolution cameras that can see in infrared or with night vision. They can also carry substances such as anthrax, which if released above a crowd could cause illness and death. As the technology continues to evolve, drones will get cheaper, better and more accessible to the public.

With 15 years experience in Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) for RCIED and the Drone industry, Team MCT Telecom designed the Portable RF Jamming equipment for Federal Police & CASA Mobile Patrol, 120 degree Jamming System and 360 degree Jamming system mounted on the motorcade to protect VIPs. Our systems are now widely deployed and used by VIPs worldwide.

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