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Military Defence
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Russian President Vladimir Putin (left) visits the Khmeimim Air Base in Syria on December 11. Photo: EPA

As UAVs have become increasingly popular across many different user communities, their prices have dropped from government-budget levels to less than that of a TV set. UAVs now are considered a top threat posed by terrorists, criminals, fanatics, and others who never previously had such a versatile, stealthy, and cheap airborne weapon. The UAVs available to and used by such groups are several generations behind the advanced military platforms. Still, their payload capacity, guidance and navigation, and range are adequate for smuggling drugs, surveilling routes for human traffickers, or even attacking critical infrastructure or mass public gatherings like sporting events or concerts. In 2017, in the Middle East, cheap toy drones with CI4 were used to attack the military airport and 13 military fighters were damaged.

With 15 years technical experience in IED/RCIED, Telecom, and Drone industries, Team MCT/MZRobotics designed the most effective drone surveillance & interception systems. Our radar system can detect the drones including swarm drones from different directions, pass to command center and our striking system starts to work and intercept all the drones outside the safety zone, effectively protecting military & VIP zones without interrupting satellite communication

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